Thin Is Key.

Your keychain is your daily companion and a personal statement. Our phones, wallets, watches, pens, notepads are all sophisticated designs but keychains are still primitive objects. They shouldn’t be. Streamline your pocket with the leanest keychain ever made!

"The magical moment when you hold it in your hands!"

Tamas Locher, CEO at Purpose Industries

LIGHT, YET DURABLE - all-metal construction

Plastic parts? Nada. TIK is all-metal of the highest quality. After testing 20+ different chain designs the clear winner emerged: TIK is built with the king of bicycle chains, Yaban SLA. Hollow, chromium carbide-coated steel pins and cro-moly steel plates with optional titan-nitride coating for more scratch-resistant surface (and additional swag factor).

The bicycle chain, polished by 200 years of technological evolution, is an incredible piece of design: it has to bear the enormous forces of the rider’s legs and occasionally horrendous conditions – mud, slush, etc. – for thousands of miles. Not to mention the torsional torture by derailleurs. Maybe a bit too much performance potential in your pocket but hey, why not?

"An incredibly simple, smart and sustainable solution for a century old problem. A definite must-have!"

Daniel Antal, Gepida Bikes


Although TIK is a custom solution, we tried to make the purchase experience as easy as possible. As a starter we are offering the 48 most popular key blanks used in the U.S. which covers 95% of keys in use.

Steps to have your custom TIK:

1. Check if your keys are on the list of available keys. (identification guide) If you have a key which is not on the list (e.g.: chipped car key), you can still have that one attached to your TIK with the included mini lanyard. (or you can send us copies of your custom keys via mail which we will custom convert for you » step 2 still required in this case!)

2. If you find your keys in the catalog, print the TIK Key ID form, take a photo of your keys on the form (with the cuts taped » for privacy reasons) and send us the photos.

3. We'll identify your keys, customize the necessary key blanks, assemble your TIK and send it to you via mail.

4. Bring your unique TIK to the nearest locksmith and have your original keys duplicated to your TIK blanks. Enjoy the beautiful and comfortable keychain every day and collect compliments!

We plan to expand our key blank repertoire in the future so if your keys are not on the current list.

Do you want to have early access to TIK?

TIK will cost $39 up to 4 keys (please add $2 per every additional key)

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